About Master And Baby Awards

This event is the result of a figment of the imagination, why kids in the age group between 3 to 12 is not brought out in a good platform to bring out their talents, so we brought something innovative platform for the kids to grow as a celebrity in their blooming age. The kid’s fashion and lifestyle industry have been exponentially growing over the past decade, making it a flourishing market. The industry has witnessed many established and emerging brands and designers considering closely into the children’s wear market. The need to provide a platform to express their creativity and inspiration.

The kid’s apparel industry has been witnessing new avenues of growth in the recent years. The kid’s fashion industry is growing at the rate of 10% per annum and thus emerging as one of the super growing industries in India. The sad part of it was no proper platform to bring out Kids with good fashion taste and also with good personality skills. The Master And Baby Awards has been offering equal grounds and opportunities to designers, buyers, media, trendsetters of the kid’s fashion and lifestyle industry. A vast pool of unmatched talent finds a common platform to show up the best versions of their expertise.

Levels of Master And Baby Awards