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Master And Baby Awards 2017

First Ever Pageant Show for Kids

Master And Baby Awards

First exclusive beauty contest for kids in India.

Why Should Kids Participate?

The Master And Baby Awards event works on the holistic development of each child associated with it, as we believe each and every kid is unique in their own way. We work towards enhancing the personality of each kid, which will gradually make a world of difference regarding social success. The aim is to empower the kids to achieve their dreams of being a supermodel. This also provides a platform for designers, brands, and partners from the fashion and lifestyle industry to unite together under a single roof for the exchange of ideas and thought to give a great experience to the young talent.


Special workshop programs for grooming of kids will also be conducted by the team and also for the enhancement of the fashion lifestyle of the kid.This event recognizes the uniqueness and individuality of every kid and offers them a unique platform to showcase their skills. Every kid who takes part in the auditions will be provided with certificates and a portfolio from professionals. The kids who get selected to the next level, will be provided with workshop programs to enrich their fashion taste and talents, grooming sessions and training from our partners along with an enhanced portfolio of the kid. This event is to be conducted in all the metro cities like Hyderabad, Pune, Kochi, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai. Every title winners in their city will be given high recognization by conducting a National level fashion event “THE MASTER INDIA” and “THE BABY INDIA.”


The Title Winner of Master And Baby Awards from each category will receive gifts worth Rs. 1 Lakh. The runner-up from each category will receive gifts worth Rs.75 Thousand.


Fashion, Talent, Attitude

  • Master Chennai 2017

    The Fashion Icon Chennai 2017. Age: 7 - 12 Yrs

  • Baby Chennai 2017

    The Fashion Icon of Chennai 2017. Age : 7 - 12 Yrs

  • Little Master 2017

    The Little Fashion Icon of Chennai. Age : 3 to 6 Yrs

  • Little Baby 2017

    The Little Fashion Icon of Chennai 2017. Age: 3 - 6 Yrs.

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